Management Philosophy

Principles of Management

Realization of the Highest Level of “3S” and Lasting Improvement

We aim at being a company who creates a new value to contribute to the society by permanence of improvement at highest level in 3S; Customer Satisfaction (CS), Investor Satisfaction (IS), and Employee Satisfaction (ES).

Vision of Management

Create a 3E Company

  • Excellent Company
    Aiming to become the only company with specialty and originality of which excellence nests in the second-to-none products and technology.
  • Exciting Company
    We aim to be a company in which all employees demonstrate mutual respect and to encourage personal and professional growth.
  • Expanding Company
    We acknowledge and will positively contribute to the local and global communities’ social needs and aspire to be a company that maintains sound growth coupled with vitality and passion.

Core Principle


  • FREE
    We bring our creative ability into full play to demonstrate innovation with self-motivated and self-determined planning and action.
  • FAIR
    We aim to ensure the growth of our company and individuals by acknowledging the value of one another and by helping others utilizing every individual’s strength and expertise. In keeping with our standard of conduct, we will comply and adhere to all laws, ordinances and social norms to demonstrate our high moral values through our activities.
    We think and act globally, and aim to contribute to the development of the culture and economy of local communities as well as the international community. As a member of the international community, we recognize the importance of the global environment, and act to preserve the environment.

Code of Conduct

1. Comply with laws, ordinances, and social norms

In the spirit of corporate compliance, we comply with all laws, ordinances, and social norms. We never allow ourselves to become involved with antisocial groups.

2. Proper, accurate and prompt disclosure of information

We take steps to disclose accurate information to all stakeholders at the proper time and through a faithful manner.

3. Customer Satisfaction

We respond to issues raised by our customer promptly in a faithful manner and endeavor to provide high grade and high-quality products.

4. Fair Trade and Free Competition

We comply with anti-trust laws and conduct fair competition. We maintain fair and transparent relationships and positions with respect to public policy and politics.

5. Consideration to environment

Acquiring importance of the environment, we strive to actively engage in environmental issues by utilizing finite resources and conserving energy effectively.

6. Contribution to Society

We expand our exchanges with the local community as a good corporate citizen to actively contribute to society.

7. Respect others

We create a safe and friendly workplace environment where everyone respects one another, succeeds to grow by achieving his/her own goal.

8. Cultivate a harmonious Workplace

We create the workplace filled with truly fare climate that maximizes the individual’s performance through teamwork effort without fear of isolation or alienation.

9. Contribution to the Countries Where We Operate

We respect the culture and customs of each country we conduct our business and contribute to the economic and social growth by conducting proactive employment, training and promotion.

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