NICHIDAI’s Business

Three businesses based on our proprietary technology

The NICHIDAI Group is comprised of: (1) “Net-shape Business” for the development, manufacturing, and sales of precision forging dies as well as the mass production of precision forgings used mainly for the manufacture of automotive parts; (2) “Assembly Business” for the assembly of precision parts with its proprietary technology; and (3) “Filter Business” responsible for the development and manufacture of sintered wire mesh filters mainly used for food and pharmaceutical industries, chemical and nuclear power plants, and H-IIA rockets.

NICHIDAI’s Business img Net-shape Business Filter Business Assembly Business

Net-shape Business

We produce mass-production dies used to forge automotive parts through one-time pressing. We will propose the optimum forging technologies with our unique systems for development support and production management.

Assembly Business

Our proprietary technology is used to assemble parts for turbocharger installed in gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles that match the concept of tightened environmental regulations.

Filter Business

We manufacture and sell laminated sintered wire mesh filters that are produced from sintered stainless steel mesh. They are used for a wide range of industries and applications such as food, pharmaceutical, HVAC, and space industries.