Sales Trend

As a niche top company in the precision forging die market, NICHIDAI has the No.1 share with its sales over 15,000 million yens.

Diverse Employees

660 employees with diverse backgrounds are working for the company globally.As of March 31, 2022

Global Eevelopment

Global development

Kyotanabe FactoryKyotanabe FactoryDomestic production site for turbocharger parts. Facilitates the strong production system through implementation of IoT.

Ujitawara FactoryUjitawara FactoryDomestic production site for precision forging dies and filters. Has forging presses and sintering furnaces.

NICHIDAI (THAILAND) LTD.NICHIDAI (THAILAND) LTD.Production site located in a suburb of Bangkok, Thailand. Strategic site in Asia for our net-shape and assembly businesses.

THAI SINTERED MESH CO., LTD.THAI SINTERED MESH CO., LTD.Filter production site located in a suburb of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mainly produces filters for oil drilling.


Precision Dies Business

Provides dies for the production of high-precision automotive parts.



Die is a block of metal used for shaping various products by counting on the deformability and fluidity of their materials. It is widely used in the industrial world as a tool for the mass production of a specific product. High level of technologies such as high-strength and high-precision are particularly required in cold forging which we are good at.

Parts we can produce

Parts we can produce

Metal parts used for engines, transmissions, and HVAC for automobile. Many domestic and international auto and parts manufacturers use our dies to manufacture their parts.

Precision Parts Business

Utilizing die know-how, we can handle a wide range of precision forged parts from mass production to assembly.


System that uses energy of exhausts extracted from the engine and supplies compressed air into the engine to obtain high output. It helps improving fuel economy and reducing exhausts.

VG Turbocharger

Filter Business

Metal filters used in various industries Playing key roles in severe conditions

Diffusion bonding technology

Atom diffusion phenomenon occurs between each contact in the metallic structure. The structure is kept under the melting point for a certain time period to cause crystallization across contacts and integrate stainless steel materials.

Diffusion bonding technology

Before diffusion bonding

Diffusion bonding technology

After diffusion bonding

Applications of filters

Liquid filterLiquid filter

Oil filterOil filter

Gas filterGas filter

Polymer filterPolymer filter

They are used in these areas in society