Relationship between NICHIDAI and its stakeholders

As its business philosophy, the NICHIDAI Group “creates new values and contributes to society” by fulfilling its responsibility for all of its stakeholders involved in business promotion and constantly improving satisfactions of its customers, shareholders, and employees. The group is working on to share its philosophy by establishing its “codes of conduct” that its employees should follow to accomplish its vision and distributing statement cards that include those codes to all of them.


Relationship with customers

The NICHIDAI Group considers contributing to its customers’ production processes through the supply of high-precision and high-quality products and services as its most important mission. To accomplish this mission, the group is working on its 5S (Sorting, Setting-in-Order, Shining, Standardizing and Sustaining the Discipline) activities in its factories, facilitating active improvement activities in the field for the enhancement of productivity, and pursuing a higher customer satisfaction.





Relationship with shareholders and investors

For “healthy and transparent management with high efficiency”, the NICHIDAI Group considers active information disclosure to its shareholders and investors as its basic policy. The group also considers returning its profit to its shareholders and investors as its important business policy and is working toward constantly paying them stock dividends securing internal reserves required for its future business development and stronger management culture.

Blue-chip company in IRBlue-chip company in IR

Relationship with employees

Considering “improvement of employee’s satisfactions” as a business philosophy, the NICHIDAI Group is working toward providing a solid welfare program including a variety of internal events and toward accomplishing an environment where each employee can display his/her originality, respect each other, and get united through the promotion of diversity.

Overseas training tourOverseas training tour

Commemoration for 50th anniversaryCommemoration for 50th anniversary

Staff canteen (Ujitawara Factory)Staff canteen (Ujitawara Factory)

Relationship with partners

In order to realize high-precision, high-quality manufacturing, it is essential for everyone's support. The NICHIDAI Group formed the "ND Association" in 2006 in order to develop together and trust each other through fair trade with our cooperating companies. We are committed to actively exchanging opinions with everyone through meetings twice a year.

ND会発足式ND association launch ceremony

Relationship with community

The NICHIDAI Group participates in “Baseball clinic for kids” that is held every year as part of activities by its baseball club and also supports other local events. In Kyotanabe City and Ujitawara Town where the group has its headquarters and a factory respectively, it also takes part in cleaning activities as their community member. The group will work for retaining stronger ties to local communities through a variety of interaction with them.

NICHIDAI Baseball ClubNICHIDAI Baseball Club

Baseball clinic for kidsBaseball clinic for kids

Cleaning activity in local communityCleaning activity in local community

Relationship with global environment

The NICHIDAI Group is working toward the reduction of energy consumption and CO2emission in its business and also has established its policy for industrial wastes generated from its business to treat them properly.